Friday, June 13, 2008

We partied like it was graduaton

My high school graduation was one week ago. I have been enjoying my summer and new found freedom by being out of the house as much as possible. This of course means a delayed blogging time. However, I do now have pictures of what I wore through graduation. Just none of that hideous blue gown that made me look a giant piece of fruit.

I bought this dress at Esprit in Germany in March of 2007 not knowing when or where I was going to wear it. Luckily graduation and the mornings festivities proved a good place for it to be worn.

Excuse the pink bra straps. Those were later replaced with clear.
This is the dress I wore to the after party (i got home around three)
Not in the pic but my mom gave me a different pair of shoes to wear with this dress that I was able to keep.

Now for the shoes. My mom first bought these Steve Madden shoes. I quickly fell head over heels (bad pun). She surprised me one day with a pair of my very own from Ebay. The heels are tall (they make me over 6' while I stand at 5'9") but incredibly easy to walk in hence why I wore them at graduation. They were the only reason I was looking forward to wearing a grad gown. They actually made that thing look half way to decent. I am soo sad because my camera lacks adequate skills to get a good picture of them.

Navy Dress: Esprit in Germany
Grey and Green Dress: Go International for Target
Black Ankle Boots: Steve Madden


1234 said...

i love that after party dress! nice yellow detail. and ive just added you! thanks!

Julia_Julia said...


I do not own all of the photos that I post. Nor do I claim to.