Monday, August 4, 2008

Change Will Do You Good

I feel like this blog needs a fresh start. Like I need something new since I have kind of learned how to blog a little more on style.....

Some come visit me here from now on.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hiatus. A Terrible Word.

Sorry to those of you that might actually read my blog that I have not posted in a month. I am taking two summer college classes and working part time so my schedule has allowed no time to post a decent outfit. Next week I go off to summer camp, with absolutely no internet access. EEK!! However, since I will have free time at camp and a camera available, I am going to try my hardest to take outfit pictures. I have also bought a few cool things within the past month, so I am hoping to have those incorporated to my August outfits when I get the time. :)

However, since I will be gone. Maybe you could tell me what you want more of on this blog. Inspiration? Outfits? My life? I really do not know what you want to read unless you tell me..So leave a comment and let me know.

For now, goodbye and I hope to be back here soon when my schedule free's up.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Country club hopping

I have no idea what came into this morning while getting dressed but somehow dressed like I was going to crash a Country Club golf game. Hmmm. Oh well, I am heading off now to go to my boyfriend's birthday party..yes, he decides to hold it on such an unlucky day as Friday the 13th. Oh well, I am just happy I get to see the lad.

Black Polo: Lacoste
Blue tank (underneath): American Eagle
Purple and White plaid shorts: Vans
Black Flip flops (not shown): Roxy

We partied like it was graduaton

My high school graduation was one week ago. I have been enjoying my summer and new found freedom by being out of the house as much as possible. This of course means a delayed blogging time. However, I do now have pictures of what I wore through graduation. Just none of that hideous blue gown that made me look a giant piece of fruit.

I bought this dress at Esprit in Germany in March of 2007 not knowing when or where I was going to wear it. Luckily graduation and the mornings festivities proved a good place for it to be worn.

Excuse the pink bra straps. Those were later replaced with clear.
This is the dress I wore to the after party (i got home around three)
Not in the pic but my mom gave me a different pair of shoes to wear with this dress that I was able to keep.

Now for the shoes. My mom first bought these Steve Madden shoes. I quickly fell head over heels (bad pun). She surprised me one day with a pair of my very own from Ebay. The heels are tall (they make me over 6' while I stand at 5'9") but incredibly easy to walk in hence why I wore them at graduation. They were the only reason I was looking forward to wearing a grad gown. They actually made that thing look half way to decent. I am soo sad because my camera lacks adequate skills to get a good picture of them.

Navy Dress: Esprit in Germany
Grey and Green Dress: Go International for Target
Black Ankle Boots: Steve Madden

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I won't feel bad

When I saw the first shirt on the Urban Outfitters website I was sad that they were gone in a few months. I was glad to find out that I found the shirts again and that they actually help fund a suicide hotline. Here is what I plan I buy fromhere.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I sometimes get obsessed with Polyvore and I make outfits.

I want this to be my Halloween costume. It's like a Bumblebee Ballerina.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petite Palmiers in China

I have become addicted to Petite Palmiers. They are delicious French cookies that are flaky, buttery, and oh so sweet. Oh they are sooooooo good. And at 110 Calories a palmier do not think they are diet food.

Here is what I wore today. I didn't think my feet could handle the heels so I changed to black flats before I ran out the door.

China T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Pink Tank: Michael Stars
Skirt: Tara Jarmon for Target
Leggings: Target
Heels (not worn): Target

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flowers with power

Let's see. I am done with high school!!! Yes! My last day was Friday and Graduation is this friday, the 6th. Finally, I will have freedom from that place...As for now here is what i wore today. First one for church, second for bumming around the house, doing absolutely nothing and not feeling bad at all.

Flowered Mini Dress: some store in Greece I forgot the name of
Black Tights: Target
Black Pointy-Toe Flats: Urban Outfitters

Ugh, so sorry but you can't really see the skirt. It hits about mid-thigh and has faint stripes all over. I should be wearing this many times during the summer though...

Grey Top: Urban Outfitters
Black Pin-stripe mini: American Eagle
Black Tights: Target

Let's be hippies..without all those drugs

I must. I NEED. To make some of these headbands. Ever since finding this today I feel the need to put on a loose dress and frolic through a giant field proclaiming peace to the world.

Thank goodness for this video.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tie my dye

I got a free shirt I might as well wear it..yeah? Plus I got my hair dyed more red and it can be seen below. Thats not a very good representation of it, but the color is just fantastic.

Tie-dye shirt: Free from school for event thingy
Grey short-sleeve sweater: BDG.
Arrow and Heart Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Rings: Claire's?
Dark Wash Boot Cut: Citizens for Humanity
Blue No-lace shoes: Converse

Friday, May 23, 2008

Je na'i pas le temps

A few days ago my grandmother gave me two French translation books. One dates from the mid-60's. Aren't french translation books lovely? Of course, what the title of this post says is not lovely.."I have no time!" Which is true. My great procrastination skills have given me three days, four projects, and a multitude of math assignments. I will be greatly lacking in the number of posts I give during this next week. However, after May 30th I am done. With high school work. Forever.

For now I will silently lust after these Calvin Klein heels......perhaps grad money will help?

Photo from

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We both are bi-polar

The weather is bi-polar. One day it decides to jump to the mid-90s, the next it is 75F and windy. Frankly, I have no idea what to wear anymore. I spent yesterday at home in pajama pants because the back of my legs were far too sunburned for pants. Today, I thought i would suffer a little but the pants aren't too bad so far on my poor fried legs. As mentioned before, my wonderful boyfriend returned last night and he got me a great necklace while he was away. I could not get a decent picture of it, but the red dot/speck is a real wild rosebud only found in Colorado.

Purple tank with details: Urban Outfitters
White Tank (underneath): Michael Stars
Grey Skinny Cords: BDG.
Blue Flats: Nine West
Necklace: Gift from boyfriend
Blue Belt (not shown): Volcolm

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beaches and proposals

I am getting married! No, just kidding. This boy isn't even my boyfriend. (He is my fashion guy, in case you were wondering) On Monday I headed down to a beach (there is an abundance in Southern California) for a school-organized trip. Sorry, i don't have a decent photo of what i am wearing. But for most of the day I was wearing a two-piece and you all don't need to see my farmer's tan white legs quite yet. Just a side note, my boyfriend came back from Colorado today! After 12 days of not seeing him, he actually managed to surprise me in more ways than one. (insert smiley icon here)

It is just beautiful here.

Black and Silver Striped Top (worn as dress): Urban Outfitters
Read and White flip flops: Havaianas
Bathing Suit (not shown): Roxy

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Give it a rest

So far, today has proved not to be boring but relaxing. I have yet to crack open a school book and instead reached for my new June copy of Real Simple. It is a magazine aimed at the 30-40 something group of mothers, but I find my seventeen year young self enjoys all of the articles just as much as those found in Nylon or Vogue. Of course, what else would I drink on a hot summer day but hot chocolate. (There were no more Kreug K-cups of coffee.)

Now I shall wait for my boyfriend to return my call before I venture off to the grocery store.

Grey top: Urban Outfitters
Black tank: Target
Black shorts: Target
Blue Tights: Target (again...)
Black Pointy Toe Flats: Urban Outfitters
Four Leaf Clover cutout necklace: Mervyn's

Friday, May 16, 2008

Help the poor soul

My impending graduation from high school is stressful.
My life seems like a chaotic abyss.
I need to do a DIY project for this Marc Jacobs tee.

Photo from

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let's talk

We all need that certain friend we can talk to about fashion. Whether it is what you are wearing or if that model really is crazy..they just need to be there. Luckily, mine's a guy. And no he is not gay. Today we talked about how we would dress up everyday if our town wasn't so dumpy. Really, it is not glamourous on any level where I live. Trust me. Then we took a look at some awesome couture looks. And he showed me two fabulous models. Karen Elson and Lily Cole.

This Valentino is like a work of art. Stunning.

Elie Saab is wonderful.

Karen Elson.

She can pull off the pink face.

And Lily Cole. We both agreed she has a "china doll face."

All pics from And I HIGHLY recommend looking up more of those two.


I do not own all of the photos that I post. Nor do I claim to.